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The Dignity Bracelet

The Dignity Bracelet

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The Dignity Bracelet is 14K gold-filled and 4mm sterling silver. With each donation of $96 or more, you will receive a Dignity Bracelet as our gift to you!

Designed in partnership with Amanda Griffiths of Bracelets for Change to represent our mutual love for those in need of mobility in developing countries around the world. The Dignity Bracelet represents one wheelchair given, which provides more than mobility: this bracelet provides someone with renewed hope, dignity, and independence. It offers new opportunities to access school, work, and church.

Each of the four blue apatite stones represents a wheel from one of our blue wheelchairs, as well as one of the four regions we serve in: Africa, Asia, Latin America,  and the Caribbean. These stones are related to service and humanitarian pursuits and they represent a sense of future while remembering the past.

Free Wheelchair Mission and Bracelets for Change are thrilled to give a wheelchair on your behalf and see someone’s life forever changed.

Blessings, Free Wheelchair Mission

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Your generous, tax-deductible gift to Free Wheelchair Mission will not only help provide people around the world with the transforming gift of mobility, but the invaluable gifts of renewed dignity, independence, and hope.

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